Windows 7 Breathes New Life Into Older Hardware

As a reseller of used and off-lease computers laptops and servers, our mission is to reduce the cost of technology for individuals and organizations while providing them a useful level of technology and performance. Recently Microsoft added 64 bit Windows 7 to their lineup of operating systems offered to their computer refurbishers. Windows XP has had an amazing run of about 10 years in the market and is still often requested by our buyers but Windows 7 demand has risen dramatically in 2012.

Performance-wise the advantage of Windows 7 over XP can be immediately noticed on an off-lease PC or laptop. Boot up time and shutdown time is greatly reduced and every operation of the computer is much faster. Browsing the web, downloading files, opening and saving large files, opening and closing software applications or loading video for play – it doesn’t matter – it all happens much faster. On top of the speed differential there’s much improved navigation and a better user interface.

Technically speaking, it’s no surprise that a modern operating system written to take advantage of more recent 64 bit architecture and multi-core Intel and AMD CPUs outperforms the 10 year old system it replaced. What’s surprising is the value and performance now delivered by off-lease computers and laptops running Windows 7. It makes getting a used computer more like getting a new one.

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